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Horse Size Betathane Bridle

2 lb

Beautiful synthetic betathane horse size bridle with matching reins.  Built with detachable nose band and padded check band.  Made in the USA with detail to stitching and quality.  Great for everyday or trail riding. To clean just sponge it off after use.  

Extra large for warm bloods, crossbreds, big horses.  Mule or draft available as well as pony and cob sizes. Call 641-484-4784 for more information..  

Available in a variety of popular colors with either black reins or colored reins.  Reins have buckles at the bit ends with swivel snaps and a buckle at the hand held ends.  If you prefer long separate reins we can do that too.

These are made by one of my Amish harness makers.  He and I designed this bridle and it is not available elsewhere.  It has all the extras like a padded chin strap and padded poll strap.  Made with stainless hardware. A high end bridle that will last for years.  Get several in various colors.