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Cashel Feed Rite Nose Bag

11 oz

I have used nose bags for feeding while I am camping for a long time.  I have some that I bought ages ago, but really liked these when I saw them at the Cashel display at the Denver Buyer's Mart.  This is a design that is really well thought out and a bag that will be durable.

Cashel feed rite bag eliminates feed waste due to sloppy eating, bullying, and head tossing. During feed time, it stops the fighting with multiple horses, lets all horses get their ration, helps hard to catch horses, and relaxes nervous horses.

No grain is wasted with a spillproof design. Constructed of sturdy breathable coated mesh, adjustable strap, durable snap and elastic straps that retract as grain is eaten. White tag to mark the horse’s name for convenience.

Adjustments are quick and easy.

I especially like the mess construction and the fact that this bag collapses for easy storage!