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Thin Line Western Pad with Rounded Skirt-available in several colors

2 lb

Thin Line pads are all built in Durham, NC so they fit nicely into the Horse Trails Less Traveled attempts to carry quality made in the USA riding products.  This is a well constructed pad that is built for serious trail riding and now it comes in fun colors. 

We have choosen to carry the round skirt model that will fit nicely under an endurance saddle or a western saddle with a rounded skirt.

Thin Line makes this pad in 19 colors, but we are only going to stock a few of the more popular colors.  If you see one that we don't have in stock please just call or drop us an email and we can have it in for you in a short amount of time.

The photo shows the color selection, but is of the square pads, not rounded one that we are carrying. (see bottom photo of lavendar pad).

641-484-4784  or horsetrailslt@gmail.com

Reduces Rider Movement | Protects Horses backs | Creates Better Saddle Fit

The fleece lined western work pad is made of high-quality synthetic sheepskin against the horse to absorb sweat, a high grade wool felt fill, topped with Cordura. Designed to be lightweight and durable enough for everyday use while giving you the maximum in protection for your horse.
Panels of 3/16” thick Ultra ThinLine performance foam are sewn on each side of the cotton pad spine, creating a spine free channel and a 4.5″ wither profile to accommodate varying wither types.
Ultimate protection for your horse's back and your comfort.       
  • * Shimmable for fine tuning saddle fit
  • * Encourages horses to lift and engage through the back
  • * High-quality wear leathers for durability
  • * Quiets rider movement, clearing the way for better communication and connection using lighter aids
  • * Single unit solves slipping issues by eliminating the need for two pads and keeps the ThinLine right where you need it
  • * Comfortable wither profile. ThinLine designs pads with a 4.5 inch wither profile and a swallow back allowing the pad to sit comfortably on any horse.


Underneath the Ultra ThinLine layer is a pocket to insert shims. If you need help with minor saddle fit adjustments, saddle fit shim saddle padpurchase this pad and use it alone or add shims. Either way, your saddle will fit better and your horse will use his back better and stay sounder longer.  Shims are made of the same amazing ThinLine material.

We are not yet stocking the shims, but would be pleased to order them in for you.

  • Full Booster Shim: A pair of shims which will create ThinLine Plus (1/4 inch) Thickness for intense protection.
  • Front Shims: Provide lift in the wither area and are available in two thicknesses,
  • Bridging Shims: Fill in gaps over the topline. Available in two thicknesses,
  • Rear Shims: Lift the cantle of the saddle for perfect balance. Available in two thicknesses.