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Booma Rein-Available in several colors

8 oz

Never loose your reins again. With this neat liittle attachement your reins are secure for those times you need to be hands free to check your phone, take a photo, put on your rain gear or help a friend.  

Perfect for children and for those times you get lazy and drop a rein!  Never loose a rein again

Works great for that long necked when he reaches to get a drink.

Never have a horse pull a rein out of your hand again.

Special elastic prevents banging your horse's mouth.  Beauty of this ivention is in the material that allows it to be elastic.

BOOMA tethers your reins to the pommel/swell on the saddle, so no matter what, they’re always within reach. And, BOOMA can’t slip over the head of the horse.

BOOMA is made of a flexible material, so the horse can lower its head to eat or drink without restriction.

And, BOOMA is adjustable, so it will fit any horse and accommodate any rider.

Made of a durable and waterproof polypropylene, BOOMA attaches with a carabiner O-ring (included) for trail riding, training or everyday riding or directly to the rein for calf roping, barrel racing and other high-intensity riding.

No matter who you are or what type of riding you do, a BOOMA Rein keeper will make your ride safer, more convenient and more enjoyable, and you’ll always have peace of mind knowing you can’t lose the reins!